Lemory Care



For over 40 years, several members of the Militante family have been serving the senior communities of Orange County as caregivers. Training was passed on to their cousins, nephews and nieces who needed to take care of their immediate and extended family members. They later on became community caregivers themselves.


When they tried looking into other in-home caregiver options, they struggled to find the right person for the job.  It was not necessarily for lack of accessibility, but rather for lack of a proper vetting service.  How could they trust that a hired caregiver would give their loved ones the compassion, support and companionship that they wanted to give them themselves? Thus, Lemory Senior Care was created.


Caring for an elderly or terminally ill loved one is a universal experience that we all experience at one point or another.  We know, however, that not every family has the time or resources to devote to do so.  Lemory Senior Care also knows that there is a limited amount of options for those looking for reasonably priced compassionate caregiving service.  And Lemory is committed in finding that solution to your needs.


Lemory is not an out of state franchise but rather a local healthcare organization that follows a standard of care formed by decades of experience.  We understand your family’s pain and that is why we offer a more personalized care approach. Our care will leave lasting memories to our clients and their families. Hence, our name Lemory.